Aug 182015

One of the best ways to learn about precious metals is to engage with other investors on a discussion forum. There can be a lot of rubbish on them (as with the internet in general) but generally you’ll get good advice from others who have been there before. The list below has the main active PM forums (or sub forums) where precious metals are discussed from an investing point of view. I have ranked them by total membership numbers, which is not perfect as it doesn’t necessarily represent active users but it is a fair indicator of either popularity or longevity of the forum.

Each forum has its own personality and particular focus – some skew towards one metal or the other, or peer to peer trading, or prepping. I’d suggest checking them all out and reading topics/threads to get a feel and see what suits you. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my Precious Metals Forums bundle on the feed reading service Inoreader, which aggregates threads from Kitco, Silver Stackers, SilverSeek, GoldEagle, Goldtent, Gold is Money, Reddit and Gold Club Asia forums if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of global PM discussion.

My favourite is Silver Stackers, which started out as an Australian PM forum but has broadened since then. I think it has retained an Aussie laid back feel. I’m active on a few other forums and you can check what my legitimate user accounts are here.

If you find other active forums not on this list leave a comment and I’ll add them in.

Forum Total members Total threads Total posts
Kitco 47,262 120,363 2,223,250
Silver Seek 15,329 19,572 174,191
Gold is Money 9,928 78,783 876,332
Silver Stackers 9,538 32,424 529,510
Reddit / Silverbugs 9,129
Silver Doctors 7,651 1,371 17,172
Le Metropole Café 4,103 307,725
Bullion Stacker 3,462 14,611 308,177
Reddit / Gold 2,416
Gold Eagle 2,126 3,419 4,574
Gold Club Asia 1,676 10,647 92,045
Gold Silver Chat 1,222 27,868 221,461 954 60,957 588,309
PM Bug 941 3,321 30,682
The Silver Forum 625 3,027 55,099
Collectors Universe – Precious Metals 11,082
CoinTalk – Bullion Investing 4,895
Coin Community – Precious Metals 3,946
Aussie Stock Forums – Commodites 460 24,307
Hot Copper – Commodites 84,063
Investors Hub – Metals
Goldtent TA Paradise
Kitco Refugees’ Gold and Metals Forum
Yahoo Finance – SLV
Yahoo Finance – GLD
Top Stocks – Gold
Top Stocks – Silver

Statistics as at August 2015.