Apr 092015

Foreign currency and precious metal markets use the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) currency code standard ISO 4217:2008 when referring to currencies. Each currency has a three-letter alphabetic code which, where possible, is composed by making the first two letters equal the ISO 3166 country code and setting the third letter as the first letter of the currency name.

The four precious metals are included in the list as they are treated by most financial firms as a currency and traded on their foreign currency systems. The precious metals are the only metals with a formal currency code. The coding convention for precious metals is “X” as the first letter and the metal’s element symbol as the next two letters.

Some of the currency codes used by the Perth Mint include:

Country Currency Alphabetic Code
n/a Gold XAU
n/a Silver XAG
n/a Platinum XPT
n/a Palladium XPD
Australia Australian Dollar AUD
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar HKD
India Indian Rupee INR
Indonesia Rupiah IDR
Japan Yen JPY
Malaysia Malaysian Ringgit MYR
Netherlands Euro EUR
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar NZD
Singapore Singapore Dollar SGD
South Africa Rand ZAR
Switzerland Swiss Franc CHF
United Kingdom Pound Sterling GBP
United States US Dollar USD